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Cement: The Cement used in the manufacturing of Paving Blocks complies with the requirements of IS: 8112 for high Strength Ordinary Portland Cement and IS: 1489 Portland Pozzolana Cement.

Aggregates: The fine and course aggregate consists of naturally occurring crushed or uncrushed materials which apart from the grading requirements comply with IS: 383. The fine aggregates used contain a minimum of 25% natural Silicon Sand.

Water: The water used for mixing and curing is clean and free from deleterious substances.

Cement contents: The cement contents of the compact concrete shall be not less than 325 kg/cum or as per Strength Required of Paving Blocks.

Curing: After manufacturing, the blocks will be stored in water Reservoirs so as to prevent the loss of moisture.

Dimenshions: The Blocks can be of different sizes and dimensions like Rectangular, Square, Triangular, Hexagon, Zigzag etc. The blocks shall be chamfered at top edges. The width and height of the chamfered edges measured in horizontal and vertical projection will be at least 2mm and will not exceed 6mm. The Blocks shall be of uniform shape and have no structural faults such as gravel accumulations, hollows or cracks. The tiles will be fairly straight flat and rectangular and will have virtually no burrs or projections.

Tolerance: Length: The length of all Blocks will be within +/- 2mm of the nominal specified length. Width: The width of all Blocks will be within +/- 2mm of the nominal specified width. Thickness: The thickness of all Blocks will be within +/- 3mm of the nominal specified thickness.