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Interlocked blocks or Pavered blocks

Pavard Blocks is integral to the sustainable development of communities across our beautiful country, having been used as the building material of choice since our ancestors. The long life span and durability afforded by clay brick ensures that clay brick homes last for generations, while also instilling a sense of place, worth, comfort and security in the lives of our people. When one considers the long-term performance, occupancy comfort, colour-fastness and life cycle value to be enjoyed from living in a clay brick house, clay brick stands out as a pillar of value now and in the future.

The structural stability and durability of interlocking blocks is much greater than that which is offered by timber construction. Another benefit is that, unlike timber, interlocking blocks are immune to termite and other insect damage.

Interlocking blocks offer numerous advantages to other building materials. The materials required for production are widely available so they do not have to be shipped in from long distances. Another cost saving is achieved because the simplicity with which the blocks can be laid and aligned reduces the number of high wage skilled masons required on a construction project

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